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Judo 8Class Description:

Judo translates to “gentle way”.  The application of gentleness in Judo means adjusting and evading one’s attacker, causing them to lose balance, and ultimately their power.  This means a physically weaker person could overcome a bigger, stronger attacker.  Using an attacker’s strength against them will enable the defender to take them to the ground, apply proper leverage to control them, and ultimately force them into submission.

One thing that sets Judo apart from many traditional martial arts is Randori (free practice). Randori allows for safe practice of proper technique on a fully resisting training partner.  Whether you have never tried martial arts before, or are a seasoned competitor looking to add to their skill-set, this class will have what you need!  Judo is taught by Sensei Ryan Cunningham, a United States Judo Federation recognized first degree black belt, who has been instructing Judo since 2009.

Our Judo classes are for ages 6 & up, which means family members of different ages may learn together. We invite you to come by and observe a class, or call us for a FREE, no obligation, trial! We strive to offer you the very best Judo in Roseburg, Oregon.  No experience required!

Brief History:

Judo has been an Olympic sport since 1964, and is the second most popular sport in the world.  It was created in 1882 by Dr. Jigoro Kano in Tokyo, Japan.  Judo is comprised of what Kano considered the most efficient techniques of several different styles of the centuries’-old art of Japanese Jujutsu.  The concept of a bigger, stronger attacker, defeating the smaller, weaker individual, inspired the idea of gentleness, or giving way. Judo has two main principles in its philosophy: maximum efficiency, and mutual welfare and benefit.


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