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Matt Bricka: Self-Defense and Youth BJJ Instructor - Performance Martial Arts Academy Roseburg, Oregon
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Matt Bricka: Self-Defense and Youth BJJ Instructor

Coach Matt Edit

Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu | Brown Belt in Judo

Coach Matt is a Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu under the legendary Relson Gracie. Matt has been training the better part of a decade, and has a very in depth knowledge of the self-defense system that makes Gracie Jiu-Jitsu so effective. Coach Bricka was formerly the head youth instructor and adult assistant instructor at the Gracie Jiu Jitsu Academy in Tyler Texas. On top of his BJJ acumen, he has been actively seeking to further his knowledge by training Judo, recently attaining his Brown Belt from Sensei’s Cunningham and Lewis’.  Matt is also a decorated military veteran and an outstanding leader. We are very proud to have him on our staff here at PMAA.

You can find Coach Bricka helping in the Tuesday youth classes and running the Monday evening Veterans and First Responders BJJ Class!